MI ::March Forth::

It’s March.


To me, March symbolizes the beginning of spring.

It snowed the last day of February, but the first two days of March were pretty warm. They were warm to the point that most of the built up snow had melted and the streets were all muddy from the melted snow.

It rained lightly yesterday. But it was still pretty nice. It had hit temperatures in the 50s F. I don’t think I’ve had the pleasure of feeling anything warmer than a 35 F in at least a month.

And yet I go off to my first college course after SPRING break. I was pretty optimistic. The weather was really nice. My class got canceled and so I had to wait and hour and half for my next class to start. Creative Writing.

During those two hours the weather changed completely. It got muggy.

Right when the writing class was about to start my classmates and teacher mentioned that we were to get a harsh storm the next evening and start laughing at my thought that spring was finally here. Nope. Don’t let March deceive you. March is the epitome of WINTER.

Great. (Why did the university give us spring break already then?!)

And now it’s supposed to snow six to nine inches tonight. Wonderful.

I know what’s going to happen. The season’s will just bully spring right out of the way and winter will instantly turn into summer. I can’t stand summer. Much too hot.

There will no longer ever be any more spring or autumn in Michigan.


4 Responses to “MI ::March Forth::”

  1. I really loves Winter, I really wish I can live in some where that has no Summer in it!

    Anyway, I really like your blog’s theme. 😀

  2. don’t get me wrong. I love winter but I’ve been dealing with it since November and my car’s been dyeing on me way too much for me to want winter to stick around. It just costs too much to fix my car. :p

    I dont mind the snow. it’s really pretty but still…my pocket is suffering :p

  3. I wish I can say the same but well I don’t have a car. 😦
    Well I can relate to your pocket thing big time. 😀

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