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MI ::Hibernation::

Posted in Michigan on Friday, March 14, 2008 by dragonsvamp

It feels as though I just woke up from a long long hibernation. The winter was beautiful but I rarely ever saw it in daylight. I would always leave the house right before sunrise and wouldn’t get out of college until after sunset.

The only times I saw the sunlight (or daytime since sometimes there wasn’t much sunlight) was when I looked out the window or when I drove straight from work to college.

I don’t care too much for sunlight but I must say today was a very very nice day even though I only got to be out in the sunlight for a little bit (since a little is pretty much all I can handle).

Spring is finally beginning to peek out of her hiding place.

I just hope spring sticks around for a while before letting summer take over. Either way I plan on enjoying the cool warmth of spring.

It just feels like forever since I could walk out the door and not feel cold. It was cold outside but the sun was so warm and comforting that the coolness of the weather was perfect.

*Sigh* I just hope it doesn’t snow again until next winter. It would really be depressing for this to be a one time thing and then have some snow type weather for the next two weeks.

*fingers crossed*