GI ::Shallow::

I was at a gathering the other day. Something like a girl’s get together which also contained a small discussion on current events and the topic of the week.  The very kind lady who lets us use her house as our meeting spot (and is also the one who organizes the discussions) was to be speaking at the town hall during the next week about the Iraq war.  She had a stack of the flyers that announced this on her kitchen counter.  

There was to be two speakers: the lady and a guy. There was a picture for each of them on the flyer. I wish I had taken one to be able to describe it right now. I didn’t see anything amiss in the pictures but apparently the girls around me instantly hollered out to the lady “Does the guy have a claw for a hand!?”

Now, no matter where you’re from, what kind of question is that?

It is obvious that the man lost one of his hands. And it is apparent from the picture that he’s got a prosthetic claw-like hand in its place. Why make such a major deal over it?

When I saw his hand I said a prayer thanking God that I wasn’t given that hardship and I felt somewhat proud that the guy wasn’t ashamed of it. If he was he’d have had his hands behind his back or found some way to make it inconspicuous.

The thing that upset me the most was that the girls made a huge deal over it and just talked and talked about how weird it was and how come he didn’t have a regular prosthetic hand or something. After making a big deal about it, they went on to talk of other things. The man in the picture was practically completely forgotten.

I’m not saying that the girls are shallow, that would be me being judgmental. It just rubbed me the wrong way and apparently I’ve been dwelling on it for the past two days because it keeps popping up in my head at random times.


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  1. I love your attitude, and his. One of our worship leaders at church was born without her upper arm, so her hand is at her elbow. She claps that hand and lifts that hand in praise to the One who created her without shame, which inspires me to as well.

    Good thing you are in that group of girls. You’ve got your work cut out for you!

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