GI ::Library Books and Writing::

It really pisses me off when I get books from the library and find people had written and/ or highlighted in them.  Seriously, even if the notes are helpful it still drives me up the wall. These books aren’t ours to vandalize as we wish.  Can’t we keep them nice and neat so that the people who borrow them later on end up following suit?  If we write in them now the kids who borrow them later will look at the book and figure a little more writing in the margins won’t hurt since there’s already writing in the book.

This is absolutely wrong but I’m sure people will rationalize this way.  What happened to taking notes in a notebook?  Have we become rendered so poor that we can’t afford notebooks? If you’re nodding then there’s something seriously wrong with you.

We are privileged to begin with by having libraries. During the four years I lived in Jordan in the Middle East there was NO SUCH THING as a public library.  Why don’t we just respect this privilege and return the favor by not ruining that which is being given to us.

Even if our taxes go towards building these libraries and funding them it still doesn’t give us the right to ruin their contents.  Because just like in Jordan, the government could always say to hell with us and use the tax money allotted for libraries and the like towards (in their opinion) more important things like funding the Iraq war.



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  1. I completely agree. I’ve never seen it from a public library, but most of the books from my uni library were defaced in some way. Sometimes the notes were even wrong!

  2. so true.. that is really soo true! Start thanking cause you never know when it will all be gone! We sure had to live through it.. no books.. i am soo deprived of books.. all of mine are in NC.

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