Work/Uni ::Spring Break::

Well spring break has come and is almost gone.  I can’t believe it. I’ve been looking forward to spring break (unlike when I was dreading winter break) and the week before spring break dragged like you wouldn’t believe.  But here I am writing as all things must come to pass. Tomorrow is the last day of spring break and though I’m refreshed from my break I feel as though I didn’t get enough time off. 

As when I last talked of my week, I’ve been really busy (again unlike the boring two weeks of winter break). I only had spring break off of work (at the private school) and so still had my college courses to attend.  Then I had to go to my math councilor and take the math placement test. I babysat and cooked and cleaned and hung out with friends.

I also worked on homework.  I believe I’ve done the most amount of work in one week’s time this spring break than any other week of this semester.  I had to write a short story (it’s still in the process of being written and is so far 9 pages long), I also had to write a 1500 word or more paper for my creative writing class (all finished. Next week is my last 1500 words for the semester), I also read two chapters from my psychology book for my test that was on Wednesday.  This is the first time I read anything in the book for my class.  The last time I went through the book I only looked at the pictures.  

And I am currently working on this 18 paged monster of a paper I keep whining about. Seriously, I have barely any space on my bed to sit let alone sleep. It’s completely covered with library books, notebooks, scraps of papers, folders, and pens and pencils.  So far I’ve written five pages- almost a third of the way through!  I’ll probably get the professor to read it to make sure I’m on the right track.  I don’t want to write 18 pages and find out that I completely went off track and end up with a B on it!  

And that’s not all folks! No sirrree.  I’ve got one last extra credit paper to write. It has to be at least two pages about a study of my choice from a book called Forty Studies that Changed Psychology or something similar to that title by Roger Hock.  I might not need the extra credit but since I’m on a brink of A-/B+ in this course I’d rather get the extra boost and get an A without the minus if I can. 

So what next?  What’s planned for my last day of spring break?  Well I’ll be going to soccer of course. That’s a Sunday ritual.  But after that I’m going to the university library and get my hands on that psychology book.  I can’t check it out of the library so I’m going to have to take notes and write my essay there.  Hopefully I can finish it and come back tomorrow evening with that paper ready to be edited (by the friends I’ll end up shamelessly begging to read it for me) and then ready to be shipped off to the professor.

If I get this paper done tomorrow and keep progress like this with the 18 paged monster I’ll truly be in complete and utter amazement at myself! If this actually happens I’ll be breaking away from the ever over-shadowing presence of procrastination! I’ll be able to prove to myself that I, Kloude of all kloudes, am not a complete and utter procrastinator! (Because you know what? The two last papers aren’t due until the 16th and 17th and my short story’s rough draft is only due this coming Monday and the final isn’t due until the 21st or 23d.)

Ahh but work is on the horizon.  Once works starts back up again I’m going to be swamped! I’m also part of a committe that’s organizing a weekend trip/conference to Shanty Creek for this memorial day weekend. I’m going to be in charge of looking after and keeping entertained the elementary aged kids for one and a half hours two times a day for the two days of the weekend (six hours in total if you’re not able to comprehend what I wrote. Yes I know I get confusing when I get excited). We’re meeting bimonthly and the next meeting is this Wednesday (have yet to get anything done for the meeting that I’m supposed to).  I also had planned to organize the yearbook layout for the yearbook class this week so that we can get cracking on putting it together when we meet this Tuesday.  Haven’t done that yet (ok ok I’ve got to procrastinate somewhere! My education is the priority here- sheesh so stop looking at me like that!)

I’m sure i’ve forgotten to do something else but that’s typical of me.  Just wish me luck the next two months go by as quickly as possible. Summer break has never looked so appealing as it does now. I need a few months break to recoup from the stress of working three jobs and going to college etc etc etc.  And I look forward to get a taste of something new. I want to work at a job I’ve never done before (we’ll see how easily I can find that). I want to have a job but not feel stressed about it being my life-line and that’s what my summer jobs will hopefully be like since I’ll still be getting my salary from my full time job I won’t be in dire need of a job during the summer and so it’ll be purely out of my WANTING the job instead of needing it. I do miss my kids though. I hope they (all 18 of them) miss me too.

Oh yes! I also signed up to take an astronomy class this summer.  I am kind of nervous about it but really excited at the same time. As long as I don’t have to memorize too much information I’ll be completely fine.  But I welcome a change from studying English.  This semester the change was taking the psychology class. In the fall hopefully the change will be in taking a math class (haven’t taken one in over three years).

Anywho, I’m quite sure you’re brain is going on strike right now if you’ve even been able to bare through all of the above to get to this last paragraph.  I applaud you.  If you got here this means my writing isn’t as boring as I think it is.  If you haven’t gotten here yet that means I’ve deservedly lost my readership because I’m just plain too boring to be handled. 

I guess I should sleep if I want to get anything done tomorrow. 😀


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  2. Oh wow… and I thought I was busy! You’ve got your hands full. Good luck with that 18 page paper – hopefully your professor reads what you have so far and practically worships it. 😉

    P.S. Umm… Astronomy’s interesting, and fun if you understand the concepts, but you’re definitely going to have to memorize quite a bit. And depending on the teacher, you may or may not be looking at stars all that much.

  3. psst! this is nat! i created my own blog

  4. Ha ha. That is college my dear. I still have nightmares that I am standing in the library looking for books and the paper is due tomorrow! Ahhhhhhhhh! That is truly a nightmare. Glad that is over. Not interested in doing that again—writing about things that don’t interest me just because I have to take the class. Ahhhhh!

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