If I could Sing…

…I would sing right now.  My grades are out! I’ve already known how I did in two of the three classes I was taking last semester but had no idea how I’d do in my hardest course- American Poetry.

Now let me tell ye about this course. I was the only undergraduate in there.  The freaking professor’s daughter was graduating from Harvard and all the students in this class were passionate about the course and about their lives (most were teachers who knew half of the stuff to begin with).  In my first class meeting of the semester I seriously considered dropping the course. Everyone there was so learned and educated and most definitely had more practice writing papers. I mean seriously five papers for this class- four of them over three pages at least and the last, the monster, which was 40% of your grade, had to be over 18 pages ( and that’s 18 pages of text not including the citation nor the cover page or any of that stuff- 18 pages of pure utter black and white.

I left that first class meeting ready to go to the registrar and drop the class.  Too bad they closed at 5 and my class let out at quarter to 7- they were already closed.  But am I glad I stuck around. I learned so much invaluable stuff in that class and though sometimes it tended to feel drawn out since we only met one day for three hours a week.  But I came to be known as the girl that is always there early and always has something to say (even if it isn’t very educational or correct or intelligent- and sometimes I read into some things too deeply).  

I was once late for my class (I had to take a math placement test since I was adding that major) and when I walked in 20 minutes after 4 they all stopped and said ‘There you are! Now we can really start’ (or something along those lines). 

The professor was very vague as to what she wanted in the papers that we were supposed to write and provided no rubric or guidelines.  I was on my own.  It took me to the fourth paper to get a B+/A- (the other three were Bs) and I wrote my last paper twice before feeling good about it and even then I decided it was horrible and only edited it once because I couldn’t stand looking at it again (haven’t even opened the file since I printed it out to give to the teacher).

Then I had this dream about a week ago about how I got an A in psychology and an A+ in creative writing (which I did in real life) and then I saw on my report card a big fat C.  C for my American Poetry Class. NO WAY!

I flipped, in my dream that is.  That would mean getting like 10 out of 40 on my last paper.  I was completely distraught and was wildly running around campus trying to figure out how the hell I blundered so badly. Everyone I met and asked told me once you got a grade you can’t go back and change it no matter what.

I woke up.  Then I realized, during my last meeting, that the professor hadn’t graded my last paper.  That meant having to wait a long long time (ten days) to find out my grade.  I had already figured out my grade for the other two classes because the professors used blackboard but this one didn’t.

The university just posted my grade and yes I had an A and an A+ (since I could tell you hands down those came super easy- the classes didn’t need much effort-exertion) but the grade that means the most to me is that B+ standing so proudly next to my American Poetry row. I mean seriously WHOA. B+ means I got at least an A- in my last paper- meaning I figured out what the professor was looking for FINALLY!

I’m absolutely ecstatic! I have a 3.76 gpa! I need to celebrate- but I’ve got work tomorrow and that won’t finish until like 9pm at the earliest because I babysit right afterwards. Besides I don’t have anyone to party with. *Sigh* I guess I’ll just be super happy for the next week or so and jump around at odd times and clap my hands in the middle of doing something that completely has nothing to do with my grades. That should be fun and freak/weird a few people out.

They’ll look at me all weird and be like ‘what’s wrong with her?’

WOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO! *goes away to party- ehm sleep* (or at least try- *cough*)


8 Responses to “If I could Sing…”

  1. Your absolutely amazingly awwwesommme!!!
    I’m so proud of you and your accomplishments, while working full time too. WOW!!! Keep it up, work/study-aholic!! Wish I could celebrate with you….we will do trans-continental celebrations!! Cool.

  2. Mabrook for the grades . Great Job!

  3. congrats. 😉

  4. congrats. 😉

  5. Wow what an accomplishment! You are working so hard. Great work! Alhamdulillah Rabb al Alameen. Now you are in college, girl! Keep up the good work.

  6. Congrats! 😀

  7. That’s FANTASTIC! **dances** Yes, yes, go freak some people out by randomly being all happy and whatnot. 😉

  8. my goodness you are just the bomb at everything else, i’m sure you can sing to!

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