Global Warming Gone Wrong

I went out to my car this morning at around 7 to find it completely covered in a thin sheet of ice.  It’s almost June and yet it was 36* outside! I actually had to turn the heat on in my car and found that my fingers were starting to freeze from the cold.

The days, however, are nice and breezy with no hint of humidity (except for that one evening a few days ago when it was 72 degrees outside at midnight and the air was pretty sticky- but that was one night).  Anyways, if the whole summer stays like this- in the upper 50s and lower 60s with the sun out and lots of clouds (the way I like it) I’d be very happy to spend the summer here and not wish to go to California where, though it gets hot, it is not humid and so is much nicer.


2 Responses to “Global Warming Gone Wrong”

  1. you think THAT’S weird?

    tornados, pouring rain, sleet, snow, hail with stones the size of marbles, thunder showers – – – Southern California in late May, a couple days before my commencement ceremony. Then, on the 24th, it was overcast and freezing.

    I had never seen snow fall before. Now I have.

    The hail in Redlands was so insane. The ground was covered…it fell for such a long time…it went from being drizzly at 68F or so to hailing at 48F or so in the space of five or ten minutes.

    It was rather odd.

  2. aren’t you there by choice? if the weather is so bad why don’t you move.

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