Desperately in LOVE…

…with these shoes. Now I need to hatch a plan as to how I’m going to acquire them. 

Possible plans:

1. purchase no food for the week (then I could probably buy two pairs)

2. no driving for three days 

3. cancel internet service for half a month

4. cancel text messaging service on my cell phone for a month and a half

5. no Starbucks or slurpees for a month

6. break into a bank

7. go through the streets and pick up all loose coins and save them up (may take a while)

8. sell soul

9. pray for trees to grow dollar bills and for rivers to run with gold and diamonds (will be able to buy many pairs of shoes)

10. sell life on ebay (renders enough mula to buy at least the left shoe. at least)

11. use credit card


15 Responses to “Desperately in LOVE…”

  1. loool !! women obsession with shoes never fails to astonish me !

  2. Women buy shoes to keep other women from having them — Quote from a comedian who’s name I can’t remember.

  3. Don’t get Starbucks for a month — that’s the easiest! 🙂

  4. Haha !
    They look cool but too high heel-ed for me !

    well give mommy or daddy the puppy face that we girls are famous for and get them to buy it for you 😀
    or as rachelle said ,u stop Starbucks but it won’t take a month it wud a couple of weeks only ! depending on the frequency of ur Starbucks visits ! that sounded like a science book !

  5. LOL- I like Steve’s comment. Is that why women also sometimes feign interest in the wrong kinds of men? 🙂

  6. Abed: True women are odd. I dont understand them myself. usually i hate shopping but those shoes are calling me so strongly! so i guess im not always the exception to the rule

    Lostwithin: too bad I don’t live with mommy and daddy so i can’t give them the puppy face and get them to buy it for me. I do go to starbucks just enough to need to quit it for a whole month in order to buy the shoes (but you’re right at the rate i’m going thro at the moment with my relationship with starbucks it might only take me three weeks)

    Rachelle: I’ll seriously need to consider my priorities before commiting to a non-starbucks month

    marcella: good question

  7. I thought you had something serious to say :S,
    but the shoes looks fine honey and i think 50$(est.) are not much if we calculated the shipping …well good luck in getting them and if you found size 12 get me a pair as well hahahhaha 😛

  8. take it easy girl!!!

  9. tanialeighmomo Says:

    Go For It Girl!!! Getting These Shoes Will Be The Highlight Of Your Life!!! You Are Closest Thing We’re Gonna Get 2 Real Life Superheroes!!! So Up Up And Away!!! Plus I Like Tetris!!! 🙂

  10. Wow. Those shoes don’t look like you at all. I can’t imagine you wearing them. I can imagine you wearing a similiar pattern in a pair of Vans. That would be more comfortable anyway. Look for those. Salam, K Noor

  11. yes a pair of Vans would be much more comfortable. true. but those are just adorable as well. :p

  12. Ummm, initial response……..OMG……..and I still have no response!!! But there may be a bit of mom in you……remember, um omar, I keep looking at those sequined tennis shoes….all the faster to run in my dear!!!

  13. Dude! How much are the shoes….On the site it says ONLY $24!!!! You need to do all that to save $24???? I’ll just give you the 24 dollars! no biggy!

  14. they are on sale for $18.74.. lol

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