~ Breaking Away ~

When a person gets too wrapped up in something, it’s hard for them to realize that their original goal in undertaking this something has been lost or forgotten. Sometimes people never realize this and others find out much too late. A select few realize this just in time to save themselves from a lot of stress, heartache, worry, etc etc.

One might intend everything for the best. Going about trying to do their best in the situation and yet realize a while later that they had just convinced themselves of it rather than truly believed it.  One may intend well and yet the result is anything but good.

And yet the person finds herself in a situation of ‘enlightenment’ (for lack of better words) where she knows she can either keep pretending and go along with the conviction or break away and do what is right for her (even though it might mean hurting others or making others look unfavorably upon her and her actions because those looking in will never be able to truly understand why this person is doing certain things and what is causing her to do so).

Letting go is probably the most difficult thing a person will ever be able to accomplish in her life.

The actions that lead to letting go and breaking away are probably the most difficult and therefore something many fear and shun. The unknown or whatever is to happen after the initial ‘letting go’ is another thing that keeps people in shackled to a life they do not like and are unhappy in.

And yet people would rather stay unhappy than ruin the ‘perfect’ little world they had set up around them. It’s too hard to let go. 

Yes it is. And that is why it’s so important to do so.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that even though letting go seems scary and something you might shun, you probably should take a closer look at this option before discarding it. It might actually be the right thing to do.

Letting go is hard. That’s true. It’s painful, yes. But it’s worth it. At least for me it’s helped a whole hell of a lot.  

Yes getting attached to something, be it a way of life, a habit, a person or anything else, is sometimes good for a person. However, when this attachment causes you to hurt and stress out and lose view of your priorities then its time for a revamp and a reconstruction.   

Don’t worry about how this will effect those closest to you, they’re all adults and fully able to take care of themselves. Sometimes you do need to be selfish and think of what is right for you and act upon it for once.

It’s hard.


But it’s not impossible.

And sometimes, just sometimes it’s the right thing to do.


19 Responses to “~ Breaking Away ~”

  1. Well said, good advice from one so young. 🙂

  2. i agree partially. You can also take steps to take time away from it if it is the first time you have gotten to that point. If it occurs again then you can consider breaking away for good. Breaking away so early is foolish because as we all know everything gets stressed over time. Backing away and coming back after things have cooled down is the smart way to keep soemthing alive. Why kill something that can simply be solved by having some alone time?

  3. I forgot to mention…..sometimes it feels right for a good while, then when the stess that caused it is gone, and you realise you have to no way to reconnect with what is lost, you realise how foolish it was to not simply do things in a more rational way.

  4. Subhan Allah….sometimes its best to follow your intuition. If something was naseeb then it will be there waiting even if after 10 years. If not then rest assured Allah subhana wa Ta’Allah has something better for you. That prospect is always enticing! Remember I let go and have not looked back since, but I kick my self for not doing it sooner. Alhumdulila

  5. I totally agree. one has 2 cease those “enlightenment” moments and not let them slip away..

  6. That was vague. Wonder what that all meant.

  7. Good post, and I’ve actually thought about this. The reason it can be so hard is because in giving something up, you often have to conclude that it was wrong to do it in the first place. Like…partying instead of studying. Dunno. College example 🙂

  8. a tribute to a mutal friend of ours is on my blog, you havent heard from her in awhile and perhaps you would be interested in reading about how I think of her. She will be missed. (hmm was this post too neutral or does everyone actually know by now wtf was going on? haha oh well, neutral for old times sake)

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  12. oh please. tell him to get over it “mom.” We all do, we all move on. It’s about time he learned to grow up.

  13. Crazy American Radracer Says:

    Everything that goes around, will MOST ABSOLUTELY COME AROUND!!!

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  15. *rolls eyes at crazy religious fenatics*

  16. Yeah, I’m a Jesus Freak too!!

  17. Jesus freaks are awesome, so entertaining n cool (watch The Haunting, Jesus Freak in that movie 😉 ). It’s the kind of people who talk like this: “In the name of JESUS, I cover myself and the one reading this with the Blood of JESUS. I ask for giant warrior angels to protect us. As your war club and weapons of war, …” that are a lil tapped in the head.

  18. The Haunting?
    Never heard of that one….
    Who stars in it?

  19. No one well known. New actors and actresses on the scene. It’s still in the cinemas, pretty cool.

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