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Never Gonna Win

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Apparently, I must be the only exception when it comes to good grades, studying and the relationship they have.  It’s common knowledge that the more you study for a cours the more likely you are to do well- right?

So why am I freaking doing worse?

Two examples:

1. Calculus: Exam one came and went, I didn’t study much for it. Crammed like hell about ten minutes before the exam began and I passed the test.  Exam two came up and I took half a day off of work to study for it. I went straight to the library and studied for about four hours before the test and felt very good about it. I failed said exam. And not just failed, I got 20 points less on it than I did on the first exam. So it wasn’t a barely fail. It was a major fail.

2. Biology: Ok so I “bomb” the first exam and quiz. I get better on my quizzes because I’m able to study a little bit more for them. Don’t do well on my second exam but the time I had planned to study for it got majorly screwed up so I only had about twenty minutes before the exam to cram. Still passed both exams. Of course I didn’t do wonderfully on them, but I did enough to pass and have a C average in the class.  Last Friday I had the third exam, I literally had all day to prepare for the exam and I did. I felt very good going into the exam and even left feeling like I’d done so much better than I had on the first two exams. I wasn’t rushed and I felt I’d retained enough of the information this time to do well. I just checked on my grades today and found out that I barely, just barely, passed the third exam. In other words out of the three exams this is my worst grade. Additionally, the past two quiz grades were horrible.

Of course I’m sailing through my two other classes with a most definite A in both but those come so naturally to me that I don’t even need to study much for them. And whatever studying I do have to do comes easily to me.

So am I just weird and an exception to the general rule? Or am I doing something wrong here? Anything wrong with the equation? 

*shrugs* I should ask my calculus professor.


And so life goes on…

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There is one lesson in life a person will realize at some point. If no other lesson is learned this one is the one I would bet money on.

I have been extremely busy since my decision to move on with my life and leave a person that used to be very important to me.  Besides it being a very good decision, it indirectly affected my views on the events that have occurred thus far.

My pursuit in changing my status at the university of Michigan from an out of state resident to an instate resident has been fruitless. Every semester I hope and every semester I am disappointed. Though I’ve been in Michigan for over a year now and pay resident taxes and have a full time job (and the list can go on) apparently it still doesn’t count towards the picky board of residency at the university. I’ve decided that, since they don’t want to give me what is rightfully mine (based on their criteria) then I don’t want to keep giving my- much too expensive as it is- tuition to an institute that will ambiguously  tell me that I’m not ‘permanent’ enough for them.  Well I satisfy their criteria and therefore should be considered ‘permanent’ and yet they tell me I still don’t demonstrate. Seriously, how permanent does permanent get?

So what am I going to do now? Well I’ll most definitely not completely quit school. I’ll just wait and keep applying until I do get residency. After that we’ll talk school.  For now I’ve got a lot to straighten out.

First, I’m working on complete in-dependancy. That will start as soon as this semester is over. This semester I had to end up getting a scholarship that I would rather do without (long story). Anyways, this means working more so I can save more money to put towards a college education where I can actually focus on it instead of have my focus divided so much between work and college. I hate not being able to give my education the time and effort it deserves. And right now I’m putting too much money and not enough time into it. And therefore, I’m not getting as much as I should out of it.

I know though that just having my full time job at the school I work at is definately not going to be enough for me to keep boredom away (remember there’s nothing going on in the area I live here in Michigan!) So, I need to find a part time job to keep me occupied and to be able to put the money desired aside. I found the perfect one. I applied and hope to hear from the library soon.  Yup working at the public library will be an amazing experience.  Even if I don’t get this job, I’ll keep trying to find something- there’s no quitting.

And to be able to commute (to work, work and home) without any trouble means that I must start thinking of getting another car. Ok I’ve been thinking about it for a while now, but had it on the back burner for much too long. It now decided to make itself heard.  I know from last winter how much I had to spend to fix my current car and I don’t really want to deal with that this winter.

And winter has truly decided to show itself already. It’s freezing here. And before I know it, it will be snowing and sticking. So what to get? A used car without knowing its exact history or a new one that costs and arm and a leg? After much thought and research, I’ve decided to check out a Nissan Versa at the dealer. If everything works out I’ll be having a spankin’ new car by the end of the month. If not then I’ll keep my search up.

This only means more worry. Making sure that all payments are accounted for. That means tightening of the belt too. But I can do it. Just like I was able to get myself out of a country I couldn’t stand. Just like I was able to prove to myself that I needed to only depend on myself (wa tab3an Allah). I can do this.

So pray that I get this job at the library. I’m so excited and nervous. I know I fit the description perfectly so lets hope they think so too. And from there we’ll see how life unfolds.

Because one day it will hit you…

No matter what: life moves on. No matter what.