Never Gonna Win

Apparently, I must be the only exception when it comes to good grades, studying and the relationship they have.  It’s common knowledge that the more you study for a cours the more likely you are to do well- right?

So why am I freaking doing worse?

Two examples:

1. Calculus: Exam one came and went, I didn’t study much for it. Crammed like hell about ten minutes before the exam began and I passed the test.  Exam two came up and I took half a day off of work to study for it. I went straight to the library and studied for about four hours before the test and felt very good about it. I failed said exam. And not just failed, I got 20 points less on it than I did on the first exam. So it wasn’t a barely fail. It was a major fail.

2. Biology: Ok so I “bomb” the first exam and quiz. I get better on my quizzes because I’m able to study a little bit more for them. Don’t do well on my second exam but the time I had planned to study for it got majorly screwed up so I only had about twenty minutes before the exam to cram. Still passed both exams. Of course I didn’t do wonderfully on them, but I did enough to pass and have a C average in the class.  Last Friday I had the third exam, I literally had all day to prepare for the exam and I did. I felt very good going into the exam and even left feeling like I’d done so much better than I had on the first two exams. I wasn’t rushed and I felt I’d retained enough of the information this time to do well. I just checked on my grades today and found out that I barely, just barely, passed the third exam. In other words out of the three exams this is my worst grade. Additionally, the past two quiz grades were horrible.

Of course I’m sailing through my two other classes with a most definite A in both but those come so naturally to me that I don’t even need to study much for them. And whatever studying I do have to do comes easily to me.

So am I just weird and an exception to the general rule? Or am I doing something wrong here? Anything wrong with the equation? 

*shrugs* I should ask my calculus professor.


8 Responses to “Never Gonna Win”

  1. Wow, I’m doing bad in both classes too. I don’t think you are weird. There must be something wrong for example biology and calculus might be your weakest subjects or you may lack interest in them. Or it might be a stupid reason such as mine, I sleep in those classes.

  2. Thing is I’ve always been good in math and biology in high school so I don’t understand why i’m not doing well now. Its not like i’m not at all interested. Both classes are interesting it’s just I can’t seem to do well when it comes to exams. *shrug*

  3. InshAllah khair. You must have a mental block or don’t know what the teacher really wants. Ever thought to go speak to the teacher, sometimes they can really give you good tips. InshAllah khair. Take care, the semester is almost up anyways, right? Salam, K Noor

  4. Or maybe, sometimes, Kharma steps in…….

  5. DUH, what did you except college to be like? you poor thing!

  6. Wow!! Isnt that something…for God’s sake…stop studying!!! LOL
    Take Noors advice.

  7. just do your best old friend, i got the college blues myself (well had)

  8. Thanks B that’s what I’m tryin to do- doin my best.

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