Elegy… (or something like that)

I have found myself in mourning over the passing of a most wonderful entity in my life.  She has literally stood by me for a much too short time. A time I wish I had not wasted by taking her for granted.  Every time I found myself with her I had not considered her presence other than whimsically, now and then, thinking of how beautiful she was.  I’ve only been with her for a few months and will miss her very much. And though I should have been more appreciative, her absence will be most greatly felt. She’s been invaluable to me and my existence and I will mourn her passing for eternity… or until I get another like her that is. 

In July, I had fallen in love with her. I now believe in love at first sight- for I loved her the moment I laid eyes on her. Oh how I loved her! After her discovery, I schemed to gain her attention and, consequently, make her mine. Which in short order came to be.

But as is with most things, all good things must come to an end. I shall miss my friend greatly.

*wineds down the organ music*

Yes yes I know this all seems so dramatic over a pair of shoes but seriously! They’re a great pair and they’re black and white checkered too! Yes, they were painful when worn for more than a couple of hours and could never be worn during the week for I would be on my feet from as early as 7am and not be home before 10pm some nights but the shoes were just so standout-ish-ly awesome I couldn’t help but love her. A few days ago she ripped and now is going to be buried.

But that’s another issue I need to think over. Should I bury her in a shoe box? But she didn’t come in one and so I think I might offend her if I just used any old shoe box. What if I used a Hot Topic shoe box? I do have one at home. But then she’d still be upset over it since it’s doesn’t have her picture on the box and the item discription on it is for some reallllllly nice bright red Mary Janes. So I’m sure that would doubly offend her since those Mary Janes are still in great condition and it would be oxymoronish to have her buried in their box.

So what to do now? Is cremation an option? Possibly, but that just seems rude to me. Cremating her would mean burning up all those beautiful still shiny black and white checkers and I just can’t bear the thought of that.

I must admit it has crossed my mind to throw her away. But it was a fleeting thought and don’t you dare mention it in her presence dead or not! Never could I do that to her. 

Until I figure out what I am going to do with her beautiful corpse I’m just going to have her lay next to my other very much alive and kicking pairs of shoes so that I may admire her. But it will be bittersweet for every time I see her with the others I feel saddened that all I can do now is look at her and not wear her.



8 Responses to “Elegy… (or something like that)”

  1. Seems like a lot of nonsensical wasted efforts put forth, not to mention the wasted time and space……..

  2. well no one asked to you to read it and waste your time on this blog.

    move along to something more worth your time. must be boring the life you lead if you can’t do something in fun once in a while.

  3. would it do any justice to replace her with a new pair…kinda like a tribute to the one love? Just an idea. I thought you were gona say you got rid of your car….lol.

  4. lol i messed that up terribly, but im sure the friends of kloude will understand what i meant, i had one of those fartknockers comment on a post i did two years ago like an ass.

  5. Whomever this HOOCH person is YOU seriously need to find your self something to do with your wasted time!! And possibly butt out of a world YOU certainly will never understand or be a part of no matter how many negative posts you put up!!
    Seriously look at yourself and find out why your inside is as black as hell!

  6. please cry more, it entertains me HUMAN

    i dont give two shits how kloude is or what she decides to do on the many paths of life


    and my loyalty to my ol’ friend kloud will never die, even though we parted paths


    okay im done ranting like an ass lol

  7. Hmmm, kloude, I think you need some serious filtering cuz the filth that is clogging up your blog is disgusting!!!

  8. I aplogise for the late message, but you have my condolances (sp?)
    me and all of my close friends feel very sorry for your loss

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