Detroit, Snow, and Shopping Galore

Yesterday, was an extremely busy day for me. Got up before eight and out of the house before 9 am. I went all the way down to Detroit to pick up a car for a friend.  Roads were just becoming clear after the previous 24 hours of nonstop snowing.  I believe we got about a foot of snow and the trucks were all over the place clearing snow off of the roads. The free ways were clearer and more easily drivable.

After picking up the car for the friend (who would be taking the car on Christmas) I decided to take a detour because my driving buddy needed to finish up some holiday shopping. I’m happy I went along. The Circuit City in this one mall was going out of business and closing down in two days.  Everything was 70-90% off.  

I happened to stumble upon a Magellan Maestro GPS that retailed for $299. It was out of the box but in near perfect condition. I got it for $75. Now that’s a sweet buy. Another sweet buy was my Nexxtech Wireless Transmitter and Charger. This thing lets me play my iPod through an FM station on my car radio while charging my iPod (something I’ve been wanting for a while). Regular price? $59.99. How much did I get it for? A mere 18 bucks. 

I’m surprised I found both those at all. The store was nearly empty. Everything super good was already gone. I guess people overlooked those two things. My driving buddy got a Mio GPS for $45; its retail price around $150.

I’ve used friends’ GPSs before and really liked them but couldn’t justify spending so much money on them when I could just used mapquest or googlemaps to figure out directions. But coming upon such a sweet buy, I couldn’t help myself. It was too good to turn away from.

I spent the rest of the day helping my buddy find gifts for friends and family. It’s fun when you go shopping to help a friend instead of going shopping to spend money. You don’t feel obliged to spend money or buy anything (even though I did end up buying stuff).

On the flip side of things, more car trouble has headed my way. I believe it’s time for me to part with my beloved (*ahem*) car. She’s been giving me problems left and right. On Thursday, the car decided to die on me in the middle of m running a million errands. I stayed at home all Friday because I was extremely sick. On Saturday, I was out all day getting my friend’s car and holiday shopping but didn’t use my car. I did turn it on to make sure it worked though and it did. But today, it refused to start. 

Thank God it’s winter break and I don’t have work to worry about my car working or not. But that’s only for another two weeks. I need to figure out a solution to this problem. I keep getting my car fixed and it keeps falling apart on me. It’s old, and about time to retire, so I keep getting told that I need to get another car- but I can’t afford one at the moment.

I’m sure something will come up soon to solve this problem. If not I might have to take out a loan and buy a used car that’s newer than mine. We’ll see.

Snow, snow, and more snow. It decided to start snowing towards the end of the day yesterday. And apparently it snowed quite a bit throughout the night.  I woke up this morning to find the roads covered in snow again and my drive way completely buried.

Oh well, I guess I’ll just end up staying inside for the rest of the day since my car won’t work and I don’t really urgently need to do anything. Or I just take my friend’s car out for a spin since he won’t be picking it up until Christmas evening.



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  1. im so glad i dont get snow, im not a big fan of the cold

  2. Oh man I want something on sale….no I take that back…I want something that is a steal!!! Oh do we miss the sales. Pathetic!?

  3. u have become soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo boring…….

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