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Sick? Who, me?

Posted in Health & Fitness with tags , on Sunday, March 29, 2009 by dragonsvamp

If you know me (whether in person or on Facebook) you’d have noticed I’ve been sick quite a lot lately. The weather is just not helping out. One day its hitting the 60s and the next (like today) its snowing (I KNOW in MARCH of all times!).

But being sick with cold/flu/sinus/allergy like symptoms all rolled up into one will end up finally forcing me to admit defeat and go to see the doctor. Of course I leave the appointment feeling like a bozo because other than needing allergy medicine I was supposedly perfectly healthy.

My blood pressure and all that nasty stuff is perfect and lookin’ good. Of course, they drew blood for testing. Two small tubes filled up quickly with thick gooey super dark red liquid (yes the light bright red blood you see on t.v. is pathetic compared to the real thing).  So I feel stupid going to the doctor after such an appointment. 

This being sick on and off for more than four months has nothing to do with me but has everything to do with my lack of sleep, over work, too much stress, and not knowing when to say “No, I need a break” type of habits. Oh and of course a major cause of never feeling healthy is the fact that I work 8 hours a day with kids ranging from 3 to 13 year olds (I’m usually around the 3-6 spectrum) and they’re always spreading nasty kid cooties all over the place.

I haven’t even gone and gotten my Zyrtec (or whatever the allergy med is called) from the pharmacy but I’ll get around to it this week hopefully.

To get on with the story, I got a call from the doctor Friday. He told me the blood tests were in. And of course something else had to be wrong with me. Apparently my exhaustion isn’t only the effect of lack of sleep and over work but because of some (common in females) minor imbalance with my thyroids. Thanks a whole hell of a lot thyroids!

At least now we know it wasn’t all in my head. Obviously it wasn’t because everyone started noticing that I was never looking or feeling good and they kept asking me if I’d finally gotten an appointment to check out what was wrong with me.

And obviously there was no reason for me to feel like a bozo going to the doctor. I guess I figure if I ignore my health the problems will just go away. You know just like ignoring the dishes in the sink for a couple of weeks and finally a friend will bail you out and wash them for you. See they disappeared! And look! They’re all nice and clean in the dishwasher! Oh sorry – you wouldn’t know that because you don’t have awesome friends like I do!

So, moving on, I’ve got to go pick the meds for that up this week as well. Now I’m going to have to get on with “Operation: Make myself take the meds” as soon as I get “Operation: Go to the Pharmacy” done.


The Slab of Marble

Posted in University in America with tags , on Saturday, March 28, 2009 by dragonsvamp

Educational progress:

Slowly chipping away at a slab of marble with a wooden toothpick.

Ooops the toothpick just broke! Now what will I do?!

Well that’s how it feels. Yes, I’m a senior and still 20 but it feels like I’ve been in college for ever (which is since 2005) and I don’t feel like I’m getting anywhere. I keep on wanting to add to my majors, minors, and certifications and therefore am causing much confusion when it comes to what classes to take and how to do it all so that I may use up my time wisely.

Not working so well apparently. I probably should talk to a counselor and see what she has to say concerning my education. Last semester I decided I wanted to do a double major- English and Math. But after taking Calculus and getting a nice tidy D in it (it’s their fault allowing me to test straight into Calculus- I haven’t taken a math class since I graduated high school back years and years ago! But no- plop- they send me straight to calculus.) I realized that I should stick to enjoying teaching Algebra and leave the other big girl stuff to people with more passion for math.

So what now? I’ve got four courses left and I could graduate with a normal no frills English degree. If I want to add a minor or two that makes the count go up by at least ten more classes (some of which I’ve already completed). And add the beautiful teacher’s certification- I’m stuck in school indefinitely because I can’t even start on the certification (which in itself is another 20 some credits) until I’ve got 18 credit hours (or 9 courses) completed in a teaching minor (which is Speech in my case).

Add to my problems the fact that the university I’m attending (even though its considered one of the top ones in the states) has limited courses available for those who work full time. So most of my classes are offered during the day time and I can’t attend them because I have to work. Not many courses are offered after 4 pm and if they are they’re few and far between. Hence my feeling of chipping away at a slab of marble with nothing more than a toothpick- maybe a piece of hay is more like it.

But as a friend told me recently- I’m only 20 and already a senior. It’s not like I’m behind or not getting much done. But when all your friends around you are graduating and moving on and even those who came to college after you have the end in sight it feels quite dreary. Though it feels like I’m going no where I’ve accomplished quite a bit since I turned 17 and entered college.

But why doesn’t it feel like that? Why do I feel like I’m getting no where?