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I rarely ever eat breakfast and if I do it’s rarely anything good or interesting but when I woke up today I decided I wanted to eat something good. And boy was it really good. This is one of my favorites that I make when I have the time. 

 Preparing the smoothie. Very healthy 
Preperation: a few cubes of ice, strawberries, raspberries, a banana, a fruit yogurt cup (black cherry), and honey- crush and enjoy.

Toasted cheese sandwich and smoothie
Toasted cheese sandwich and the prepared smoothie.MMMmmmm


Viola! ::Steak::

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A few days ago, I went with two of my coworkers to Logan’s. It’s a really nice steakhouse where you can eat as many peanuts as you want and throw the shell wherever you want too. They also have the best bread rolls ever. And those get replenished as soon as the basket is empty and they’re always warm.

I decided I would not order my usual salad as the main meal and try something new. They were both ordering the 6 oz steak. I figured I would try it out as well. It was really good but so dang hard to finish. The steak came with two sides of choice. I got a salad (yes I had to get a salad) and mac and cheese. But boy was it hard to finish that steak.

By the time I had finished two thirds of it, I decided we need a smaller option.

4 oz sounds just right and I think the salad bowl should be a bit bigger.

Maybe it’s just me because whenever I get the salad from Quizno’s I seem to always end up with a bowl full of chicken and no lettuce or tomatoes left.

I guess I just prefer less meat and chicken in my food.

Maybe I should just stick to ordering salads.

voila ::Cheesecake::

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A slice of the cheesecake I made about a week ago. It turned out wonderfully tasty. Ah the great things that can happen when cream cheese isn’t so bloody expensive!


The cheesecake before getting butchered and devoured.

Voila ~Sen5es~

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A friend and I stopped by Mecca Mall yesterday and tried out a new restaurant for a late lunch. We settled on going to Sen5es which had just opened. It’s a small Italian restaurant set right across from Hardees.  We almost didn’t go there but figured why not try it out. 

When we entered the burnt orange colored and wood decorated interior we were seated and waited upon promptly.  We quickly ordered Chicken Pasta and Ceaser Salad. The salad was instantly served and was really tasty.  Soon afterwards the Chicken Pasta was placed, steaming and looking really good, at our table.  We began eating and it was all heavenly.

Moments after we started eating, my friend found a hair in the food and before I even knew what was going on the waiter came and whisked the plate away appologizing.  I looked at my friend surprised and she quickly explained to me that he saw her pull out the hair from the dish.  The waiter returned and apologized one more time saying we would get another dish soon.

The service was prompt and friendly.  I was really impressed.  The food was excelent and the amount served was enough to fill me and my friend up to the point of almost being full. The dishes were served in clean sleak white plates and bowls. I wish I had the camera with me because the food looked so good and it tasted even better.

Now to those who like to know what you’re budget should be if you want to try this restaurant out, those two dishes and a small bottle of water were for 9JD. And we were so impressed with the service that we even tipped them (which we usually don’t since they usually have service fees but I didn’t see that included in the charges on the reciept).

So if you’re hungry and hanging out somewhere around Mecca Mall you should check this little restaurant out.

Voila! ~Mood Foods~

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A while back I was reading through some of Dr. Oz’s book (YOU on a Diet, The Owner’s Manual for Waist Management by Mehmet C. Oz M.D. and Michael F. Roizen M.D.) and came across a section that I found interesting. I’ve always known that some foods can effect our moods and that sometimes we eat certain foods because we are in certain moods.  Thing is I never had a compiled list and whatnot so here it is.

So as the book says ‘We binge on different foods for different reasons.’

Now this is not definite but it is the most probable.

If you reach for: –> You’re most likely feeling:

   “1. Tough foods, like meat or hard and crunchy foods–> Angry

     2. Sugars –> Depressed

     3.  Soft and sweet foods like ice cream–> Anxious

     4. Salty foods –> Stressed

     5. Bulky, fill you up foods like crackers and pasta –> Lonely, Sexually frustrated

     6. Anything and everything –> Jealous”

Again, this is not set in stone.  It is meant for what you tend to binge on and not necessarily the food you’d normally eat on a day to day basis.

Voila! ~Got Mexican?~

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Well I must say chili and Mexican salad have got to be one of my favorite mexican dishs out there.  At least I love them the way I make them (which I have realized some might not even concider to be truely Mexican). 

A few days ago I had the craving for chili and so I decided to make some.  It turned out really really good.  Now this is probably one of the few good points of not having a job at the moment.  I haven’t cooked in ages. And when I dit it was always once in a million blue moons.  But now I have more time so I’m finding myself cooking more often.

The chili:


And yesterday I made Mexican Salad.  The vegetables are those found ina normal salad; lettuce, tomatoes, black olives, and corn.  The meat mix is ground beef, taco seasoning (don’t know if they have that here. we get ours from America) and precooked black and kidney beans.  We combine those two and put a ton of crushed tortilla chips and cheese on top. Then you mix it and the cheese should melt from the heat of the meat. Very very good stuff.

The veggies:

The meat and beans: 

And the end result:


*licks fingers*

Voila! ~Arabic Food: Take One~

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I surprised some of my closer friends when they found out that there is a good amount of Arabic food that I really like.  So I decided to try and take pictures of my favorite Arabic/Middle Eastern foods whenever I have the chance. Which is rarely since we don’t eat Arabic Food that much anymore.

Feb 1st

Mulukhia: Now this isn’t one of my favorite Arabic dishes but it is my favorite dish when categorized with the other more soupy/rice dishes (like if I had to choose between this, bamia, or fasoolia; I’d always choose this dish). Not very appetizing in looks but if cooked right it tastes pretty darn good.  I haven’t had it where it tastes good for years now but I still remember the good old days when my mom used to make it in America and for some reason it always tasted good there. Add lemon and viola! With all those kinds of dishes (bamia, fasoolia, etc) I never touch the chicken or meat and its the only soupy stuff I’m willing to eat. As a general rule I don’t like soup.

Too bad it wasn’t that good this time.


Feb 3d

Imsakhan: A dish made with pitta bread or shrek bread.  It has seasoned onion and chicken and nuts.  I tend to just eat the onions with the bread since I don’t care for the chicken cooked that way. I also prefer it rolled up in shrek bread but this is good too. My family usually cuts the onions in strips here they are diced.  Either way its pretty good though again nothing great to look at. The onion is usually precooked with its seasoning till its really really soft and almost brown. As I said my family shreds the chicken (only way I’m willing to eat it with chicken) and they make little enchilada type rolls with it and bake it till the bread is nice and crispy.


This is the first time I ever have it with peanuts. Interesting.