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It’s been a whole hell of a while since I’ve written on here. I keep thinking of my blog and how I want to keep it up but I just don’t know where to begin. I don’t feel like talking about the kids I work with since it’ll probably just bore readers to death though it keeps me super busy and focused in my goals career wise. 

Thought a few of what I’ll talk of here should by right have their own post I don’t have the time to give them the ‘airing out’ they need. So I’ll keep this short and simple. 

First, lets start with college. I’ve been a senior in college forEVER now and I don’t see graduation anywhere on the horizon. It’s a long story but the biggest roadblock is the costs involved in getting an education. Yes, financial aid covers half of my tuition but I pay double what residents pay. Yes, I still have yet to get rid of my ‘out of state’ status and attain my ‘resident’ status. It sucks that the universities here in Michigan have been given ‘autonomous authority’ when it comes to setting residency guildlines.

And times are tough, so of course they’re not going to let people get residency if they can help it. That’s cutting the amount of money they get in by half. Literally.

This brought me to the tough decision of maybe not taking classes during the 2009-2010 College year. It’s not something I look forward to but it’s something I feel I might need to do in order to prove to the people in charge of the residency that I’m not here just for an education. That I’m actually LIVING here and probably won’t be going anywhere for a long time.

Second, my sister is going to move in with me. For the most part I’m pretty pumped. It’ll be fun to go shopping, to the movies, and just hang out with someone you know will be there no matter what. No more boring old nights of doing nothing because everyone you know has prior plans or is caught up with family or work or just live way too far away to be seen all the time.

The downside is that I will probably have to move into a slightly larger apartment (that has washing machine and dryer hookups!). This means living costs will go up for me. But it’ll be much better than what I’ve got right now. Don’t get me wrong I love my apartment that I live in but I hate having to lug around my dirty laundry every week to get them cleaned and I definetly can’t see me and my sister living comfortably in a one bedroom apartment.

Which brings me to another downside. I’ve gotten so used to living by myself that it’s kind of odd thinking of how little things in my life will have to change (whether good or bad) so that I can better accommodate my sister. But she is my sister and we’ll probably never have a chance to get to know one another better and get closer as a family before we go our separate ways so I’ll most defiantly focus on the bright side of this new situation.

My my there’s so much going on. 

Work is winding down. That’s the nice thing about working at a school- you get to have the summer off to do your own thing. And though I dreaded last summer this summer seems like it’ll be a whole hell of a lot nicer. For one I’ve got a whole bunch of tutoring jobs lined up for me that I hope I can keep during next school year (to generate more income so I can afford a bigger apartment). But even if they only last the summer they’ll be able to pay for a few things I’ve got lined up.


That’s one of the things I’ll be working on making up lost cash over. Yes in less than two weeks I’ll be on my flight to Norway to see a dear friend and to be able to see a part of the world I’ve only been to in short stops that never left the airport. I’ll be staying there for about three weeks and am sure I’ll have the time of my life. It’s thrilling and exciting and I’m not sure it’s sunk in just yet that I’ve actually taken this step of planning such a huge trip.

I tell you it was tough to click that button that said ‘purchase tickets.’ So much came up that made me want to just close my browser and tell myself I was being stupid in going on such a trip. For one it is expensive. Of course it’s only a fraction of the price it would have cost me to go if I went last summer but it’s still quite a chunk of money- which thank God I actually was able to save up and pay off before my credit card statement was due. 

Another thing that bothered me and made my fingers hover in hesitation over that button was how much time I would be gone. Three weeks is a lot of time when you calculate all the stuff you could get done if you stay at home. I would be loosing the opportunity to earn more money and save up more to pay off my *cough* accumulated student loans from last year ($5500 may not seem too much but it’s a hell of a lot to me). And knowing the tutoring I’ve got waiting for me when I come back that’s a good chunk of cash I wouldn’t be around to earn. Yes, I’m a total workaholic and that just made me realize how much I needed to let go a little and live a little. Not everything is work and I need to relax and reenergize if I don’t want to crash half way through next school year (work-wise I mean).

And so I’m offfff!

In less than a week, I’ll be turing 21. I’ve already gone and renewed my driver license. I will soon be trading in my vertical DL for a horizontal one. It felt weird walking in there and getting all the paperwork in order. It felt almost like another stage in my life was about to begin. It honestly felt like somewhat a coming of age ritual and I was just about to pass through.

It’s a big deal to me because I’m now officially really in my twenties and I realized I need to start thinking like that. It’s hard getting rid of the mindset that I’m still a teenager. I’m always accidently thinking of myself as one of the ‘kids’ in school still and it’s still tough thinking of myself as an adult whose completely and (thank God) successfully taking care of herself. What drove the point home this year was working with the middle schoolers at the school I work at. I realize that I was no longer a 15 year old and that it was ok to start growing up. And surprisingly it also made me realize that I don’t want to be a 15 year old. There was no yearning to be a teeny-bopper anymore.

I’ve always been the kid student and now it’s my turn to be a little more than that. 

Yes, 21 is still young and I know I’m not going to have the mindset of a 40 year old just yet (and hopefully never) but I also feel as though I’m much too old sometimes. It’s weird when you realize that you have an easier time befriending people in their 30s than those your own age. And I’m just beginning to realize that I am who I am and that’s okay. And in the end, age is just a number and not much else.

But it’s taken me a while and I’m sure still a while more to come to fully accept and feel comfortable in the ‘skin I’m in’ and not have to constantly wonder and ask myself Where do I fit in this wide (age) group of people?

Well that wraps up the majority of what’s happening in my life. For now I need to go take a shower and sleep because I’ve had too many late nights this weekend and I need as much sleep as I can get to be able to get through the rest of this week. Thank goodness kids get out of school this Friday! 



Work/Uni ::Spring Break::

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Well spring break has come and is almost gone.  I can’t believe it. I’ve been looking forward to spring break (unlike when I was dreading winter break) and the week before spring break dragged like you wouldn’t believe.  But here I am writing as all things must come to pass. Tomorrow is the last day of spring break and though I’m refreshed from my break I feel as though I didn’t get enough time off. 

As when I last talked of my week, I’ve been really busy (again unlike the boring two weeks of winter break). I only had spring break off of work (at the private school) and so still had my college courses to attend.  Then I had to go to my math councilor and take the math placement test. I babysat and cooked and cleaned and hung out with friends.

I also worked on homework.  I believe I’ve done the most amount of work in one week’s time this spring break than any other week of this semester.  I had to write a short story (it’s still in the process of being written and is so far 9 pages long), I also had to write a 1500 word or more paper for my creative writing class (all finished. Next week is my last 1500 words for the semester), I also read two chapters from my psychology book for my test that was on Wednesday.  This is the first time I read anything in the book for my class.  The last time I went through the book I only looked at the pictures.  

And I am currently working on this 18 paged monster of a paper I keep whining about. Seriously, I have barely any space on my bed to sit let alone sleep. It’s completely covered with library books, notebooks, scraps of papers, folders, and pens and pencils.  So far I’ve written five pages- almost a third of the way through!  I’ll probably get the professor to read it to make sure I’m on the right track.  I don’t want to write 18 pages and find out that I completely went off track and end up with a B on it!  

And that’s not all folks! No sirrree.  I’ve got one last extra credit paper to write. It has to be at least two pages about a study of my choice from a book called Forty Studies that Changed Psychology or something similar to that title by Roger Hock.  I might not need the extra credit but since I’m on a brink of A-/B+ in this course I’d rather get the extra boost and get an A without the minus if I can. 

So what next?  What’s planned for my last day of spring break?  Well I’ll be going to soccer of course. That’s a Sunday ritual.  But after that I’m going to the university library and get my hands on that psychology book.  I can’t check it out of the library so I’m going to have to take notes and write my essay there.  Hopefully I can finish it and come back tomorrow evening with that paper ready to be edited (by the friends I’ll end up shamelessly begging to read it for me) and then ready to be shipped off to the professor.

If I get this paper done tomorrow and keep progress like this with the 18 paged monster I’ll truly be in complete and utter amazement at myself! If this actually happens I’ll be breaking away from the ever over-shadowing presence of procrastination! I’ll be able to prove to myself that I, Kloude of all kloudes, am not a complete and utter procrastinator! (Because you know what? The two last papers aren’t due until the 16th and 17th and my short story’s rough draft is only due this coming Monday and the final isn’t due until the 21st or 23d.)

Ahh but work is on the horizon.  Once works starts back up again I’m going to be swamped! I’m also part of a committe that’s organizing a weekend trip/conference to Shanty Creek for this memorial day weekend. I’m going to be in charge of looking after and keeping entertained the elementary aged kids for one and a half hours two times a day for the two days of the weekend (six hours in total if you’re not able to comprehend what I wrote. Yes I know I get confusing when I get excited). We’re meeting bimonthly and the next meeting is this Wednesday (have yet to get anything done for the meeting that I’m supposed to).  I also had planned to organize the yearbook layout for the yearbook class this week so that we can get cracking on putting it together when we meet this Tuesday.  Haven’t done that yet (ok ok I’ve got to procrastinate somewhere! My education is the priority here- sheesh so stop looking at me like that!)

I’m sure i’ve forgotten to do something else but that’s typical of me.  Just wish me luck the next two months go by as quickly as possible. Summer break has never looked so appealing as it does now. I need a few months break to recoup from the stress of working three jobs and going to college etc etc etc.  And I look forward to get a taste of something new. I want to work at a job I’ve never done before (we’ll see how easily I can find that). I want to have a job but not feel stressed about it being my life-line and that’s what my summer jobs will hopefully be like since I’ll still be getting my salary from my full time job I won’t be in dire need of a job during the summer and so it’ll be purely out of my WANTING the job instead of needing it. I do miss my kids though. I hope they (all 18 of them) miss me too.

Oh yes! I also signed up to take an astronomy class this summer.  I am kind of nervous about it but really excited at the same time. As long as I don’t have to memorize too much information I’ll be completely fine.  But I welcome a change from studying English.  This semester the change was taking the psychology class. In the fall hopefully the change will be in taking a math class (haven’t taken one in over three years).

Anywho, I’m quite sure you’re brain is going on strike right now if you’ve even been able to bare through all of the above to get to this last paragraph.  I applaud you.  If you got here this means my writing isn’t as boring as I think it is.  If you haven’t gotten here yet that means I’ve deservedly lost my readership because I’m just plain too boring to be handled. 

I guess I should sleep if I want to get anything done tomorrow. 😀

WorkArama ::Internship Interview::

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With all the mess that happened on Thursday I completely forgot to write about what happened after my car accident.

I was hoping after finishing from getting my ID and stuff done at the university I could get my friend to help me jump my car. So I went to his house and arrived just as his wife did. As I was parking (still shaking from the accident I had just made) my phone started ringing.

It was a number I didn’t recognize and so I thought it was definately the person who owned the car I had hit. I answer. A guy’s voice asks to talk to me. And I let him know that he is talking to me. Then he mentions my application to the internship they had available. I sigh in relief (because I had no idea what to say if he turned out to be the one who owned the car) but as I sighed I also got excited. He said he wanted to interview me over the phone and if it was the right time. I told him I was just parking and getting inside so if he gave me ten minutes and called me back I’d be ready.

I helped my friend and the kids get the groceries in and as I did so I let her know that I had gotten in an accident (it’s their car I was driving). It was freezing outside.

Ten minutes passed.

No call.

Then maybe half an hour passed because we were almost done putting away the food and were talking in the kitchen.

My phone started ringing. I get it out of my pocket.

I answer. It was another friend’s mom letting me know that she wouldn’t be able to pick up the animals i was pet sitting for her over the break that night. And I told her that was fine since I wasn’t at home to begin with. As she was talking my phone was letting me know that I was getting another line.

I look at the screen and right enough it’s the internship dude. So I hurry up off the line with my friend’s mom and answer the other line just in time.

The interview, I think went pretty well, it’s for the internship available in California with two newspaper companies. The guy said that during the summer they get up to 800 people from all over the world applying for the positions available.

I don’t doubt it. But I’m sure 75% percent of those applicants don’t meet the requirements and needs of the newspaper (and thats a conservative estimate). And I know for a fact that I have at least 90% of what they want. I’m not being boastful but if there’s 800 people applying for a handful of positions and I got interviewed that means I must be from the few they were actually considering.

The guy ended the interview by telling me that they’ll be making a decision within 48 hours but might take a while to notify me because my position wouldn’t start for another few months.

Hopefully, I did well enough to land myself the job. During the interview I found out that I could start working from Michigan and so my doubts of being able to complete the full 15 weeks limit isn’t a problem.

Wish me luck!

WorkArama ::Internship Applications::

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I have finally gotten my ass off the couch (well not literally…it’s on the bed) and gotten myself to finally start writing my cover letters for the internships I wanted to apply for. Apparently in the past four years it’s become crucial that you submit your resume with a cover letter. 

And for some reason I had this phobia of getting my cover letters completed. It just seemed so daunting that I’d have to personalize each one for the specific job I was applying for. Very unlike the idea of a resume, which is pretty much the same.

But I finally got myself to it. And I have just finished applying for five internship positions for this coming summer. I’m hoping this will help me get my foot in the door of the publishing industry. Which was originally what I had always wanted to get in to. Ever since I was 11 that’s what I wanted. Teaching came later on and though I still love teaching and want to continue to do so I also want to try out other things. Like those internship positions for the publishing Companies.

So far I’ve applied to two in New York, one in New Jersey, one in Massachusetts, and one in Beverly Hills California. I’m like 100% qualified for this last position so I’m really hoping that I’ll be able to get it. That would mean around 12 weeks back at my home in Cali! (They even have it as a plus if you’re bilingual and an additional plus if you know ASL! And I have both in my pocket!)

Now I just need to find a way to be patient for the next three or four months before I am to hear from them. I applied super early. Most of the deadlines are in February but I figured since I have the time right now I might as well do it and get it over and done with. Next semester I’ll be so busy I doubt I’ll be able to figure out what way is up and what way is down more or less apply for internships.

It’s a nice weight off my shoulders.

See I can put aside my procrastination when I want to (usually only when it’s got to do with work) and it’s even surprising me since I’m such a huge mega procrastinator.

I guess this is what happens to me when I’m bored out of my brains.

Wish me luck! 🙂

Adventure ::Tornado, Mailbox Down!, and First Day of School::

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A few days ago, Friday I believe it was, I had offered to drive with my friend’s dad and her siblings to Kroger’s to get some milk. It was my first drive out with my very own car.

We arrive and I park and the alarm goes off for the tornado Alert or whatever they call it. My friend’s dad turned on the radio and they were talking about how there was a tornado a few miles away from us and that my area was supposed to be right in the way of the tornado. So it told us to stay indoors until after 6:15. It was after 5 at the time.

They went into the store real quick and brought the milk. By that time it was raining heavily. One of my friend’s siblings started freaking out and begging his dad to take over and drive us back. We didn’t listen to him.

I missed our turn and it was raining really bad. I had to drive into a driveway and back out onto the one lane street to turn around. That didn’t work out. Instead I backed into a mailbox. The kids in the car were really freaking out by now.

After that my friend’s dad took over and drove us back. It was a good thing because right after that it rained like there was no tomorrow. We couldn’t see anything past the dashboard. It was that bad.The tornado from what we were told went along the street parallel to ours. We got back safely and in one piece though the car has a tiny dent on the edge of the trunk.

First time I drive it and I hit it against something. That’s just great isn’t it?

I was told though that it’s not tornado season here. Very interesting. Well that was still quite and adventure. My first tornado incident I guess. Freaky but kinda cool at the same time though.

Anyways, today was the first day of school. I have been working at the school for a week now and must say that I am entirely enjoying it. Today was half day and though it was it was very hectic and seemed to drag on for too long. Only 13 of our 19 kindergartners showed up. The rest will probably show up tomorrow I believe.

Though I am happy in what I am doing right now I am really looking forward to Labor Day weekend. We’re getting the Friday before as well as the Monday of off. So that’s really good.

I really like the togetherness of the staff in the school I work at. It’s just so nice to feel like getting up and going to work. We’ll see if that changes though. But from what I see I doubt it will.

Work ::And so the Story Goes…::

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Just over two weeks ago I got a call from this lady who found out about me through her friend who knows an acquaintance of mine. Yes complicated but the point is she wanted me to tutor her and her three children. Now my schedule was pretty full what with 16 students already. But somehow I was able to manage them into my busy day; tutoring them three days a week for three hours. Usually I tutor early in the morning or later in the afternoon/evening so I was able to squeeze them into the time after 1 and before 4.

The lady has three children ages 8 and half, six, and four.  Two girls and a boy. The eldest is the boy. I arrived there the first day with my bag loaded with the books I figured would be at their age and reading levels. I talk to the mother a little bit to see what she wants out of these tutoring sessions since she wants to be tutored as well. Pretty much all they want is to work on their speaking and reading skills. Which is a big no problem to me.

They are very very sweet and I really enjoy teaching them. They are very respectful and kind and the children are very sweet. Unlike some of my students I’m having a lot of trouble with.

There is this one kid I tutor that just drives me nuts. I have been tutoring him since he was in second grade and then took a semester off because I couldn’t handle him anymore. When I decided I was going to go back to the states and needed to save up some money I decided I should tutor him again because they paid pretty well and I thought maybe there was still hope for him yet. So I did. And though I don’t regret it, I do sometimes wish I hadn’t gotten him back.

How bad is he? Well think of all those hafartali guys you see strutting around Amman. You know who I’m talking about. The grease heads, with their super super tight pants and shirts that look like they haven’t been washed in a week. The dudes that always wear those pointy clicking shoes, and their filthy hands from too much picking at their noses and other parts of their disgusting bodies. The ones who just hang out on the sides of the streets doing nothing (smoking is considered one of the ‘nothings’ they are doing) or hanging out at the university smoking and they’re doing nothing because though their dad’s are working three jobs and their mom’s are working two jobs besides taking care of the kids and the house those idiot’s parent’s don’t believe in mixing work with study and so they tell their sons to go and study and make them proud.  But instead they go to the university wasting their parent’s money while checking out all the girls that pass by and commentating about them to one another and being disgusting while they’re at it and not even thinking about school or classes.

In other words the typical average youth Arab Joe.  Well this is what this kid will definitely turn out to become if he keeps at it the way he is right now. 

There was a spell where he was becoming much better. He was studying and not sitting there for the hour making me keep trying to get him to study. But that was just that: a phase. He’s back to his evil nasty ways of making fun every time I say the number six or when we went over his vocab list last week there was the word ‘tease’ on it which means ass in Arabic. He had a hey day with that. The list goes ever on. I can’t wait until school lets out in a few weeks because then I’d be done with him for good.

Though I do honestly like to teach kids and to me it’s very rewarding I’ve been trying for almost two years to make some sort of impression on him. To at least get him to put some effort into his studies (and believe me it’s really not fun to work so hard and then find him failing his tests and have to feel as though the effort put in wasn’t enough). I have yet to be successful in that. Sometimes I feel as though I’m making some progress but then something comes up and we go back to where we started. It’s tough but I’ve dealt with tough kids before.

Work Arama ::Taxi Adventures::

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Yesterday was quiet an interesting day when it comes to my taxi experiences. I tend to use taxis everyday and usually end up using 3-6 taxis a day just to get around. Yesterday, I took five.  The last three were the ones that are worth noting.  I had to go t Wadi Seer again yesterday, and a friend drove me some of the way there. I took a taxi for the rest of the journey which was supposed to cost .45 JOD but all I had on me was 40 piasters and ten and twenty JOD bills.  The guy didn’t have change for a ten and so he took the forty piasters.

This is not unusual but the way he went about it was.  He was really nice and respectful and honestly didn’t give a damn about the five piasters he was getting underpaid. Usually when the taxi drivers don’t have enough change they begrudgingly take whatever change you do have and gripe about it while they’re at it. 

I had expected the amount to be less than 40 piasters so I hadn’t made sure if he had change for a ten at the time and when we stopped and he told me that it was forty five, I instantly asked him if he had change for a ten and he was like ‘How much in change do you have?’ I told him and he was like ‘Ok just give me that.’  It’s hard to come by respectful and nice taxi drivers. (Besides the fact that it’s almost impossible to find taxi drivers with change on their persons. It’s like seriously they should have some loose change and whatnot around them but they usually don’t. But that’s straying from the topic.)

So when I left Wadi Seer, I asked the taxi to take me to TlaAli.  On the way the guy passed by a mosque and asked me if he could go in and pray since they had started the prayer. I told him he could and I think he was surprised that I hadn’t refused.  He went in and then came back a few minutes later.  While he was gone he had turned off the car so that the meter didn’t keep counting (and I’ve had times when they don’t do that).

When he came back he apologized and was like ‘Thank you so much.’ I asked him to stop by a gas station so that I could get change for a ten to be able to pay him and he didn’t gripe about that.  And I think he even undercharged me as well; like rounding it down instead of rounding up. And again he apologized about making the prayer stop when I got dropped off at my last tutoring stop.

But of course the day can’t end on a happy note. Those are rare in Jordan.  I took the last taxi of the day to go home. It was past nine at night and I was tired.  I paid the guy (it cost 0.90) with a five JD bill.  He gave me back a bunch of ones and was like ‘I owe you ten piasters.’ I told him not to worry about it and he left. I was putting the one JD bills into my wallet when I realized he gave me three JDs back instead of four. He ripped me off. 

It’s like I should have learned from the millions of times they’ve done the same thing to me before. Saying sorry for the few piasters that they didn’t have in change and then ripping me off with a whole JD or even more.

I really should start counting my change before I get out of the taxi. Dang. It’s just one would hope people were a bit more trustworthy here.