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Apartment Hunting

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In about a month, my sister will be moving in with me. This not only means that I will have to change my life around so that we can become roommates. I’ve had two years of living on my own, so you bet it’s going to be tough getting used to having another person in the house, having another person to take into consideration, having another person to compromise with, having another person to talk to, to laugh with, to go shopping and out to movies with.

It’s a great feeling and a very unwelcome one at the same time. One moment I’m thrilled to have my sister come live with me and the other moment I dread it. It’s odd being able to feel two extremes concerning the same thing. But in the end it’ll be a novel experience that will hopefully have more ups then downs.

Now for me and my sister to get comfortable, I need to decide whether we can bear living in a one bedroom apartment for a few months before moving or if I should move into a two bedroom apartment right around the time she moves in.

As everything, there are pros and cons to both points. Let’s look at the pros of staying in the one bedroom apartment for a few months before moving out:

1. Save money: I’d be able to afford the apartment without any strains on my fincances and without the need to make my sister help me out with rent just yet. This will help her get situated and get a job before having to stress about that. I had that help the first couple of months I was on my own and I’d love to provide that help to her as she gets accustomed to living on her own as well.

2. Less pressure: Since I know that I didn’t get as big a raise for this coming year as I did for last year, I’m going to have a little more pressure on myself if I move into a bigger apartment. Waiting a few months before moving, will definitely lessen the stress on me and being able to afford the things I’m used to without having to (going on to #3) cut back.

3. Not having to cut back: To be honest, I’ve gotten accustomed to a lifestyle that will probably need to see some cutbacks if I decide to move into a bigger apartment. Now this isn’t the case if my sister gets a job right away but I’m not betting on that nor am I taking it into consideration. Like I said above, I want to be able to help her out as I was helped out. It means a lot to me the amount of help and support I had when I moved out on my own and I want to do that for my sister.

Now the pros for moving into a bigger place:

1. Space: Having enough space for both of us to feel comfortable, is vital if we’re going to be able to get along. Living in a one bedroom apartment (even though my sister is willing to sleep on the couch for a little while) is just not enough for us. I’ve gotten used to having a whole apartment to myself, and I’m sure she doesn’t want to end up in a similar situation that she came from. Growing up we always had two kids a room- I know I can’t do that anymore and I’m sure she needs her own private space to call hers. A two bedroom would be perfect for us.

2. Comfort and Convenience: The area I live in right now is not a place I feel really comfortable in. It’s pretty safe but it just doesn’t feel homey or as homey as I’d like it to be. I have to make a couple of sacrifices living in my apartment. The first is not having my own washer and dryer. I don’t want to have to deal with that anymore than I have to and it’s just going to be so inconvenient having to carry twice the amount of laundry around to get it done. Moving into another apartment lets me put the criteria of having hookups for a washer and dryer and it’s easier to find in larger apartments. The second is being more comfortable in the apartment I’m living in. I only really moved into the apartment I live in right now because it was the cheapest thing out there. Don’t get me wrong. It’s a decent apartment, but it’s not anywhere near ‘home’. I moved in with the mindset that I wouldn’t be staying for long.

3. Pets: I’m the kind of person who loves animals. I need pets. I already found two cats that I want and that are on hold for me (in case I decide to move) and the place I live in right now doesn’t allow any pets. A bigger apartment will be great for having pets. I also want to get a pet snake- and that’s something I’d be able to get if I moved out.

Those are the three top pros of staying or moving and I really needed to just write it all out (and talk to a couple people) to realize that the pros of moving have a more impact on me than the pros of staying where I am for a little longer. In the end, I’ll be moving anyways so why not decide to now?

Also, I’ve already seen a two bedroom condo that is owned by my hair dresser and oh my God. It’s perfect for what I want. It’s 15 minutes away from work and from the University. It’s got two floors and a great amount of space that would be perfect for me and my sister and our pets. I love the condo, the location, and the person who owns it. And writing all this out has helped me realize that in the end it’s a really good deal. Last month while I was getting my hair cut, we talked about my sister moving in with me and having my hair dresser’s tenants leaving. She told me how much she’d be asking for her place and when I got to see the apartment she offered it for a little cheaper, I would hope because she feels really comfortable with me moving in.

I know for a fact it’s not because she won’t find tenants for her asking price (which is relatively low for a place like that) because there’s always people who want to rent and I doubt she’d have a hard time finding someone to pay the price she’s asking for it.

I need to let her know my decision tomorrow. Hopefully, I’ll be making the right choice after sleeping on it.

Wish me luck!


a million and one

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I spent Memorial weekend at a resort.  There was a conference that I was a committee member in organizing and so obviously attended as well.  I was the head of the committee (of one person-me) for setting up activities for 7-11 year olds while their parents and older siblings were attending the workshop and lectures set up for those three days.

I had four one and half sessions.  The first one was chaotic, the second one less so and it just kept getting better until the fourth one went by very smoothly and before I knew it- it was over.  I’m waiting to check out as I write this. 

I arrived with my friend and her four kids on Friday at around 9 pm.  We attended the welcome reception where the attendees were told of what to expect and what will be provided and expected of them.  On Saturday, my first activities session was at 10:30-12 (right after breakfast).  After that I had to go to my room and work on my homework.  I had a few assignments (for my online class) I needed to turn in before midnight.  By the time I was done it was time for dinner (5:30) and right after that would be my second session which would end at 9pm. 

After that would be women’s entertainment- which would be a whole bunch of stuff that the girls group and youth group in my community had put together and wanted to present. Of course I couldn’t attend that because I needed to take a one and half hour test that I would be locked out of by 11:55pm. I was done by 11 and so was walking towards where they’d have the entertainment going on. A whole bunch of people were passing me going the other way and I asked one of the people I knew if it was done. Of course it was.

Once I got there I saw my friend and asked her what had happened and if it had been nice.  Apparently they did the live skits and poetry reading but the videos they had made didn’t work and so they were going to figure it out and show them the next evening. So apparently I didn’t miss out on much.

The next morning I had the same schedule, but instead of homework in the afternoon I went with a bunch of people canoeing.  It was so much fun. The canoe I was in (with three kids and one other adult) capsized within five minutes (the first part of the river was pretty wild and the current was strong.  The kids freaked out and it was all I could do to stop myself from being swept with the current taking the kids with me.  I planted my legs (which are now all bruised and scratched up) in between a whole bunch of logs and drift wood that was under water and held on with all my might. I got the kids up onto the side of the river and helped the lady with me.  She didn’t want to go on and the kids freaked out.

I didn’t want to leave though. Behind us was my friend’s husband with his two kids.  The kids saw what had happened to my canoe and decided they wanted to go back with the other kids leaving my friend’s hubby alone in his canoe.  I joined him and we completed the way toghether way behind of everyone else.

We capsized another time. The water was 40 degrees cold and boy was it fun.  This time I had folded my legs underneath me two seconds before seeing a low hanging tree branch. The kind too thick to just move away with your hand and so i tried to lean back (since leaning forward was too late) my my crisscrossed legs wouldn’t allow it and since I was sitting on the floor of the canoe I didn’t have anywhere to lean back to. Somehow I tipped the boat over.

I sprained my ankle but I didn’t realize that until after I got back to my hotel. I was having the time of my life and really really enjoyed my first canoeing experience. I would never have it any other way.

Moving on to what I did before coming to the Shanty Creek Resort- I found an apartment! Yes I did. The search is officially over. The place I found seems to have been a large house converted to 8 apartments.  It’s an old house but perfect for what I need right now and only up the street from where I’m living at the moment. I passed that place every single day almost- sometimes three or four times a day- and I never noticed it until my friend told me about it.  

I called and they had a one bedroom apartment available. I checked it out and decided it was my best option at the present.  I put down a deposit on Friday and will be moving in Friday June 13.  At least that’s the plan. I might not be able to wait that long and move in the weekend before. 

School will be over in two weeks and we have the week after to pack up the classroom. So 9 days of teaching left and then four days of packing and I’ll be done with work until August. Now on to finding a different job for the summer. I’m relieved this school is almost over. It didn’t start dragging until a few weeks ago when the kids just couldn’t focus anymore and the tantalizing thoughts of summer started to burrow underneath their skin.  It’s time to be freeeeeeee of school- and about time that is! (Though I do still have college which won’t end until end of June. But that’s ok I’m not planning on taking any summer courses).

So all’s well in Kloude land for the present time. I’m exhausted, got so much work and homework to do, and completely battered at the moment thanks to the canoeing trip but things are looking up for me. As a dear friend of mine always says- Look on the bright side. I try- sometimes.

And just a note: I totally knew that David Cook was going to win. Me and my friend sent about 300 votes and though my friend was positive the other David would win, we kept our fingers crossed. This was the first time I ever followed an American Idol season and the first time I voted- first time my friend voted as well even though she’s been following the show since it’s first year. Now on to the next favorite show- So You Think You Can Dance.