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Posted in My University Life with tags , on Wednesday, June 25, 2008 by dragonsvamp

I just finished my statistics class. The only class I registered to take in my seven week condensed spring semester. Four credits later, I’m not so sure it was such a great idea taking a math class online.  The work was difficult and felt very rushed. However, the professor organized everything so well I can’t blame it on her. 

Yup, I’m to blame for not doing as well as I should have. Since our due dates for assignments were mainly on Sunday at midnight I never failed to procrastinate until the weekend to get my work done. And of course since I waited I wouldn’t be able to get feedback from my professor (she let us email her our work in progress for her to comment on before we officially submitted it) before I turned it in.

I know a B in the class isn’t bad, but I think I would have easily gotten an A if I had been on top of things or if I had taken this class in the traditional class room setting. It’s just so much more work when it’s online. I should have expected that signing up for it.

Ahh well I’m glad it’s over and I’ll have a rest from college until September. Two months away from school should do the trick. I’ll be revitalized and revving full throttle for a full time load when I get back in September (inshaAllah).

I don’t think the B is what’s really bothering me about this course. It’s how bad I did on the final exam (which was a full 100 points out of the course’s total 700). I literally only got half the questions right and if the test stood out alone I would have totally failed it.  I had been making a comfortable A in the course up until I bombed the final (yes 52 out of 100 is a HUGE shame to me).

I wouldn’t be so pissed off either if I hadn’t ended up paying 2 grand out of my pocket for the one course either. There was a mistake in my aid package for the spring semester and so I was led to believe I was receiving more than I ended up getting and so half way through the course I get an email being told I owed the college another few hundred dollars.

Fingers crossed I get residency next semester (seriously I’m paying enough tax money to be considered a resident by the state so the college should give me a break).