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Uni ::Lorde, Lorde, Lorde!::

Posted in University in America with tags , , , , , , on Friday, April 4, 2008 by dragonsvamp

I just realized that I only have twelve days to write an 18 paged research essay (what am I doing writing here then?! I should be studying not wasting time!) when I had thought I had three weeks. Oh great.

I only just started reading up on the poet I’m to write about, Audre Lorde. I just started tonight. I’m at a complete loss as to what I’m going to be doing and how I’m going to organize my essay. Seriously! It’s 18 pages! Oh My God. That’s just beginning to set in. I’ve never had a problem writing essays until this class. It took me four papers! FOUR to figure out what the professor was looking for. I got Bs on each paper until I hit the Jackpot on paper #4 when I got a B+/A-!

So now I know what kind of writing appeals my professor but still I don’t know how I’m going to write an 18 paged paper without going off course or something. I’m sure there’s more than 18 pages worth of stuff Lorde has achieved that can be written about but how to tie them in with her poetry I am very unsure at the moment.

I’ll have to spend the rest of my spring break (spring break you say? what spring break?) going crazy over studying as if I hadn’t already done a ton of studying/writing for my other classes already (about 15 pages of creative writing for my creative writing class and read two whole chapters and notes for my Psychology test that was yesterday. So far making an A+ in CW and I have a good chance at an A or A- in Psychology. So all I’m worrying about right now is my Poetry class which I’m averaging a B on and I can easily get an A if I try hard enough on this paper [it’s worth 60% of my grade to boot!])

Since I’m now listing what I’ve been up to this week I’ll also add that I’ve talked to my Math counselor and have officially added my second major! WEEEEEHHEEEEEE! I took the math placement test today. Actually had to take TWO tests! ARGH.

This is what happened… I get to the university today at thirty minutes past two- my poetry class starts at four. The placement exam is supposed to take no longer than one hour. The lady asks me which math placement test I’m supposed to take. I didn’t take any trigonometry in high school and so I end up taking the ‘blue’ test. I get 28/30 and that means I have to take the ‘yellow’ test (which is for students who did take trig). So after 40 minutes on this one test I should have just skipped it and taken the other one- which I could have. The blue test was sooooo easy I’m surprised I got two wrong (show’s I’m human).

So I look at the watch. I’ve got forty minutes until my class was to start. I figured I’d finish in time. I open the math book and I stare in utter horror for a minute. It almost looks like a new language to me. ALMOST. But of course I’d taken a lot of the information in the ‘yellow’ test when I took Algebra 2- I just couldn’t remember a single number of it.

It took me exactly one hour to finish the test and I knew I had done terrible. I had a massive headache by the time I was done and it was already fifteen minutes past four. I was late for class. I’d never been late for class before.

The lady scanned the scantron and told me I got 17/30. Boohoo right? Well apparently 17 correct got me into the Calculus 1 class. I had taken the blue test a few months ago and got 26/30 which placed me into the Pre-Calc class. So apparently 17/30 is better in this case.

Show’s how we’re fickle. When we look at 17/30 as opposed to 26/30 we automatically assume the latter score is better. In my case the former was what I needed not the latter.

Thank God that’s over and done with.

I’ve just decided I’ll have a go at writing the extra credit paper for my Psychology class. I’m borderline B+ and A- and the paper has a max of 10 extra points. That could make the difference between getting an A and an A- or if I really mess up my last test the paper will decide whether I get a B+ or an A-.

I realized I’m very much type A personality. I can’t handle the thought of getting a B now when an A is so within my reach. If I’d stop being a couch/bed potato and get my ass crunching on those papers of mine.

Pray for me. (InshaAllah/God willing) I’ll get through this!